About WBAI WBAI began as WABF in 1941 and moved to 99.

5 FM in 1948.

The station took a respite from broadcasting in 1953, and ... See more came back on the air as part of World Broadcast Associates, Inc (WBAI) in 1955.

The Pacifica Foundation was launched by pacifist Lew Hill in 1949 with the first ever listener funded radio station - KPFA, Berkeley.

The Pacifica Mission called for radio that would foster understanding amongst nations and individuals, encourage creativity, and promote innovative, uncensored distribution of news.

On January 10, 1960, WBAI joined Pacifica when philanthropist Louis Schweitzer gave the station to the network.

Pacifica now has 5 radio stations (the other four are in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Houston, and Washington, DC) and more than 50 affiliate stations across the U.


The Pacifica Foundation is a California non-profit corporation.

Its governance procedures are laid out in its bylaws and Articles of Incorporation (which includes the Mission Statement).

The board of directors, referred to as the national board, has fiduciary responsibility over the network.

On and off over the years, there have also been local station boards with varying degrees of responsibility that were to work with the national board.

In December 2001 a settlement agreement was reached with regard to several lawsuits that had been brought against the then Pacifica National Board.

The suits were filed by Pacifica listeners, various Local Advisory Board members, and several National board members charging the board with taking Pacifica away from its mission and other illegal activities destructive to the network.

The settlement mandated that an interim Pacifica National Board composed of people from both sides of the conflict revise Pacifica's bylaws.

The new Pacifica bylaws were required to establish membership status for listener-sponsors and station staff along with a process for network-wide elections of somewhat empowered Local Station Boards in the 5 listening areas.

After an extended period of discussion, debate and drafting, the new bylaws were adopted in September 2003.

The first elections for Local Station Boards under these bylaws were held in January-February 2004.

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