Express FM prides itself on diversity, which is why we have tried to reflect this in the types of promotional packages we offer.

Unlike ordinary ... See more stations who sell features, spots and general airtime, we are much more specific, resulting in a much more effective promotions package for your event or company.

Benefits of being an Express FM Sponsor Unique All campaigns are tailor made after extensive consultation with clients Exclusive If you sign up for 6months in one go, we will guarantee you that your company will be the only one of its kind broadcast out across the south for that period of time, meaning you will have a complete monopoly over your competitors when it comes to airtime on Express.

Diverse We will add depth to your campaign by using your company in interviews and features.

This will enhance our audience level of understanding of what it is your company does.

Value For Money As well as the variety of trails, which can feature up to 20 times a day, depending on sponsorship package purchased, you will also be featured in interviews and on our website.

Value Transference By being associated with Express you will take on all the best attributes of being associated with Portsmouth and South East Hampshire's Premier Community Radio Station and all that it means.

Online Both your logo and a link to your website will appear on ours, driving traffic to your site, as will all audio of any interviews or features containing spokes people from your company.

Pay-per Promo Offer In the current economic climate we understand that contracting yourself to long and expensive sponsorship or advertising packages are not ideal.

So how do you still get your companies name out there without it costing you an arm and a leg? The solution....


Pay-per Promos Express FM offer you the unique opportunity to pick how many trials you would like played out and when, in order to maximise your exposure for as long as you wish.

This is a brilliant way to advertise an event, encourage recruitment, or promote a special offer.

Alternatively it is a good way to reinvigorate product awareness or simply to gauge whether or not radio advertising is a successful method of promotion for your business.

For a standard set up fee, we will work in conjunction with you to create a bespoke promo exclusive to your company.

We will also advise you as to where in the schedule it is best to play out the promo's to optimise the demographic you wish to target.

"Express FM signifies everything that is special about Portsmouth and its people - it has passion, drive, energy, variety and a sparkling personality.

It is Highbury's pleasure to be working so closely with Express FM.

Everyone including staff, the Principal and the students have used the services of this high quality community radio station" "ExpressFM offers the people of Portsmouth a genuine alternative to traditional media, no local issue is left unturned because the presenters and guests are all local people, this is what makes Express FM unique"

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