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Account Menu Account Login Create New Account Send Contact Message Sign up for our newsletter and get 3 free downloads!! Email: SASSY ASS The Video Is Here! For over forty years, five miles southeast of Tupelo Mississippi, in the suburb of Plantersville (and if you want to know what "remote" is, try a suburb of Tupelo), a wooden building stood bearing the name "House Of Grooves".

House Of Grooves proprietor, local entrepreneur Melvin "Buster" Greaves, operated what started out as being referred to as a "dance hall", but ultimately became known as a "concert venue".

Greaves, or "Uncle Buster" as his employees, customers and recurring entertainers referred to him, was a Tupelo native, with a passion for music and live entertainment.

Always the smiling host, the outgoing owner always said what he meant, even if many of his words couldn't be found in an english language dictionary, "It's jamma-time fo' dees bump-aholics tonight BABY!!".

The House Of Grooves became a mainstay stop for every "Chittlin' Circuit" act for decades, notorious for feverish shows, rocking late into the muggy Mississippi nights.

The more the crowd reacted, the harder the bands played.

The harder the bands played the more the crowd screamed and danced.

The frenzy cycle was undeniable, and it was what the local clientele had come to expect from an evening at the House Of Grooves.

It was the home of legend and myth.

"If it was late enough, and the band was right, you could see the ceiling pumping up and down with the music!", Uncle Buster once said, "You should have been here that night in the summer of '61 when Snooky Horton's Jump Band played 8 straight hours!".

"I've had all the big names come through here, Horace McMurphy Hot Buns Stevens and the Hard Snap Band, and Billie Ray Shackleford when he had that big hit "Take What You Want, But Leave Me The Rest", all great musicians, all great singers, everybody in soul and jazz came through Buster's house!".

"Yeah we went through all the changes with the times here.

In the '70's, those funk bands started comin' through here with their tall platform shoes and big afros and guys slappin' their basses with their thumbs, it was what I call the 'Funk-tronic Era', we were partying HARD here!! As long as people were eating and drinking and dancing, everything was cool.

We just had to keep 'em sweatin' that was the trick!" "It didn't matter if it was singers or musicians, vocals or jazz, smooth or funky, as long as the performers could GET DOWN, the door to Uncle Buster's was open to them.

They could be old or young, big or little, male or female, didn't matter their race, religion, size, axe or dietary restrictions, IF YOU COULD GET DOWN, YOU COULD PLAY AT BUSTER'S!!" Sadly in 1990, tragedy struck.

As Greaves tells it, "I had a night manager workin' for me that was kind of a lazy fool, and he forgot to unplug the crock pot that we used to keep the hot links warm, and the whole place burned down to nothing but those crackly little black pieces of coal lookin' things, like charcoal briquets.

So I ended up selling the land off to a big corporation so they could put in one of those super "mega-lopolis" family-everything stores, you know the ones that sell everything, but it's all so cheap that it breaks in five minutes? I wanted Mama Buster and I to be able to go off and relax a little and take it easy in life.

We worked hard, we deserved it".

Keeping with the spirit of Uncle Buster, and his passion for jazz and funk, great playing and hard grooves, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of Plantersville, Uncle Buster's House Of Grooves is now a record label.

A label for funk, jazz and old school soul.

Stellar musicians, exciting singers, astounding instrumentalists, silky smooth bands, anything with a groove.

Featuring new music as well as reissues, and new artists as well as familiar faces of funk

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