Radio Hidabroot is an online radio station from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., providing jewish Lectures and songs 24 hours a day.

JRoot is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing all of our brethren, both in Israel and abroad, to the beauty of the Jewish faith and the values that it espouses. In an era when assimilation is an ever growing concern amongst the Jewish people, JRoot is committed to uniting the Jewish community and strengthening all of our bonds to the faith that we share. Through our pamphlets, our lectures available on CDs and DVDs, our television station, our radio as well as websites.  we strive to make Judaism a real, living and relevant experience for our brethren all across the globe. In addition, our organization also supports needy families in Jewish communities everywhere, and helps provide them with all of their physical and spiritual needs.

Today JRoot runs a wide-reaching kiruv operation.


We proud to announce our new radio station from New York –  and brodcast all around the world ( This Jewish themed station broadcasts music, rabbinic lectures, and other Jewish oriented programming, to all our brethren in New York and abroad, exposing them to the intrinsic beauty and depth of the Jewish faith. This radio station broadcasts lectures about Parashat Hashavua, Shlom Bait and Chaye Hamishpacha, Personal Growth, Chinuch Yeladim, Financial Guidance. We also have interactive programing for children and adults, where our listeners can call in and answer questions and make requests of the DJ. Our programing runs in both Hebrew and English and offers a wide variety of guest lecturers from Israel, America and all over the world.

Keren Chana (Family Food fund)

We have started a communal fund to help some of our local families. Each week we raise money and receive food donations to pass onto several families within our community that really need that extra monetary and food help. We have families from all walks of life that need our help. As our fund grows, we hope to be able to help more and more families.


JRoot has been printing and distributing CDs and DVDs of lectures from Rabbi Zamir Cohen and other renowned rabbis and lecturers. We have uploaded videos online and have done public screenings. Please visit our links site to link to all our great audio and video collections. You can also contact us to request titles to be sent to you via postal mail.


Rabbi Cohen is the head of JRoot organization and is a Rosh Yeshiva in Israel. He is a renowned lecturer and has written many books and informational pamphlets. The most famous of his works are: “Ha’mahapach” and “Ha’tzofen”. These two books have caused a great response throughout Israel and abroad. Please contact us to find out more about Rabbi Cohen and his works.


Thousands of people call and e-mail to Ask-the-Rabbi a question pertaining to Halachah. We have helped many get a better understanding of what it means to be a Jew.


Over 85,000 participants a year: “This is the second year running that JRoot has managed to bring together thousands of Jews, thirsty for Torah, under one roof in the Yad Eliyahu stadium in Tel Aviv… We saw people who had come from all over the country.” (BaKehilah, 10/3/08)

Seminars & Lectures

Thousands of Jews come together each year in our weekend seminar series and nightly lectures. We offer these seminars (a.k.a. Shabbatons) and lectures worldwide. We are joined by renowned speakers who enhance our Shabbatot and evenings. We offer seminars for singles, couples, and families. These weekends are open to Jews from all religious levels.

Websites & TV

JRoot runs several websites:,,, The JRoot organization has launched a Jewish 24-hour cable television station in Israel. Eventually we would like to expand our station and broadcast our programs worldwide.

All donations and contributions to these lofty undertakings will be greatly appreciated.

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