The Australian Radio Network is the largest owner of radio stations in Australasia, with investments in 12 radio stations in Australia and over 111 in ... See more New Zealand.

In Australia, ARN has a dual brand strategy, with a MIX and Classic Hits music stream in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

ARN is one of the leading broadcasters in the commercially important 25 to 54 demographics in Australia ARN prides itself on having two sets of customers - the listener and the advertiser.

Neither can exist in isolation and at ARN we focus on linking adult listeners with some of Australia's leading retailers and service providers.

This web site will tell you more about our brands and our businessesTwitter: http://twitter.

com/mixmelbourne Instagram: http://instagram.

com/mixmelbourne Listen: http://bit.

ly/I1BSrsChrissie & Jane Mix101.

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