Pulse Talk Radio started up in late 2014 We are now looking to progress into community radio for United Kingdom and all across the world.

Our aim is to provide a diverse radio service which incorporates a wide mix of shows.

We will be looking to promote local bands, events and businesses.

There is a little twist to our radio station where we will also be presenting shows for people who are curious about the paranormal.

The Pulse Talk Radio team are made up of volunteers who will be broadcasting their own shows with a wide variety of topics.

These will include discussion topics, interviews and phone in’s.

We will be playing popular music and hopefully helping to promote up and coming local new bands.

We aim to contribute to economic development to promote smaller local businesses for whom commercial radio had been an unappropriate chair for their goods and services to reach new customers.

We will offer a good service for the smaller budget.

We hope to promote the free flow of information, and opinion, and to encourage creative expression.

The station owners have been lucky to work with many skilled individuals from the paranormal community over the years and the knowledge and experience gained has been valuable for them to explore new horizons.

They will aim to schedule shows to include psychic readings, discussions on haunted locations and phone ins so people can share their own experiences.

The aim is to promote as many businesses as possible, bring humour and fun to online radio while reaching as many people as we can.

We are looking to include local news and events and would like to broaden local broadcasting choice.

We would like to introduce new bands and give them airtime to play their music.

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