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February 11, 1974

Austin, Texas


Alex Jones is considered by many to be the grandfather of what has come to be known as the 9/11 Truth Movement ... Alex is known for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk ... He combines his media presence with actual physical activism, a practice that once led to him being arrested on the personal order of George W. Bush!... Alex Jones has gained international attention for standing up ...for what he believes in. From the Italy's La Prensa to the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, Jones has brought the information war to the mainstream print media worldwide, speaking out against tyranny in defense of the Constitution ... Whether it be Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, Jones pulls no punches in bringing to light corruption on both sides of the political equation. He also points out that the left/right paradigm is a controlling mechanism to get people squabbling about issues of little or no significance. This is why he is respected by liberals and conservatives alike ... Alex Jones to this day continues to expose those that seek to take away what made America great, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and each freedom our founders fought and died for. Alex Jones broadcasts nationwide on the Genesis Communications Radio Network. More information on the broadcast can be found here. This ruggedly handsome Texan has been featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Dallas Morning News, The Los Angeles Times, The Austin-American Statesman, and The Austin Chronicle, Alex Jones has created a powerful platform in an attempt to re-create a Bill of Rights, freedom-orientated culture in the face of an ever more federalized and security-obsessed America. In the Summer of 2000, Alex successfully infiltrated Bohemian Grove, meeting place for the global elite in an ancient redwood forest of northern California. This was documented by World of Wonder in their Secret Rulers of the World series, shown in the UK on Channel 4 and aired nationwide in the US multiple times on the Trio Network. Alex's documentary, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, features the infiltration plus the history of the Grove. Jones has produced fifteen documentary films to date exposing the police state, the New World Order and government sponsored terrorism. Jones predicted the 9/11 attack in a July 2001 television taping when he warned that the Globalists were going to attack New York and blame it on their asset Osama bin Laden. View the clip here: Since 9/11 Jones has broken many of the stories which later became the foundation of the evidence that the government was involved. After helping BBC journalist Greg Palast break major stories Palast publicly thanked Alex ( for being the only radio host to pay attention to W199I, a leaked document concerning FBI protection of groups linked to Al-Qaeda. "This guy is a national treasure, a light breaking through the electronic Berlin Wall of the US media establishment." - BBC Reporter Greg Palast In early 2002 Jones also spearheaded the campaign to repeal the Patriot Act with his Save The Bill of Rights Campign. ( Now hundreds of towns, cities and states have thrown out this unconstitutional law. See More

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Last comments on The Alex Jones Show

Stone Shadow
This link to YouTube is for the Songs/Videos + the Lyrics of both the English and Spanish versions = #1 - Colorful Racism and White Supremacy. #2 - Nadie Quiere Ver. Inspired by Black Lives Matter and the Capital Hill insurrection disgrace. Play for others = share if you care. Tap the above link or moon with your finger 3 times to play the songs/videos. Negative Media Attention Seekers = if you’ve been conditioned to hate North America so much leave it + alone.
2021-11-02 19:32:07 Report comment
Still in a state of disbelief that the simple question has not been asked of the Trump camp. is it legally possible to declare bankruptcy concerning the U.S. deficit and turn over a new leaf/new start as Mr Trump has demonstrated several times in the past with his own business practice...I guess he will carry a vary big stick.
2016-10-05 15:44:46 Report comment
Gary A Conway, Canada
I have been listening to your show for the past couple of years. Couple things I would like to bring to your attention. You keep boasting program is broadcast is world wide now, ok, great, how about stop all the references to movies that you think are similar to what it going on. People around the world do not watch all the bull shit hollywood movies americans do and they are not really missing anything. I lived in China from 2004 to 2009, The way to referr to the chinese people when your talking about shit the government does is not very nice. The people of china are victems of the same shit gov, you have in the USA only they have had more pratice at manipulating people. Dont think for a second the Chinese people like what is going on. I also have some very close Russian friends and its always interesting to chat with them about what is going on in the world. I found it very interesting when in China what tv programs were being viewed coming from the states. I was so shocked to see Jerry Springer oh yeah, its true showing reruns in China. I have traveled to many countries in my life and found that most people that have any real understanding of the world and why things are happening are because of the USA and its military power trip. You Americans have been sleeping on watch and now the entire world will pay the price for your failure to keep your government in line. Not one banker in Jail, pity. I guess you can't them in jail when the really bad ones are already in the white house. I could go on and on but not much point in that.
2016-05-02 20:11:54 Report comment
Rick Langley
This free radio feed of the Alex Jones show is awesome!
2016-03-14 19:29:10 Report comment

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