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The Bob and Tom Show Bob Kevoian’s knack for writing songs, delivering comedy and consistently surprising both Tom and their listeners makes him an exceptional ... See more talent.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Bob grew up with an interest in theater and the performing arts.

Graduating from Long Beach State University, Bob traveled extensively with “The Young Americans” theater group before beginning his radio career.

Bob’s entry into radio began in 1979 when he landed his first job at WMBN in Petoskey, Michigan.

In 1983 after four years at WMBN and WJML, Bob moved to WFBQ in Indianapolis, Indiana where his talent reached new heights as he and co-host Tom Griswold established “The Bob & Tom Show.

” Tom Griswold is a radio personality, songwriter and record producer.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Tom is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City, where he studied English.

Growing up, Tom was interested in comedy, theatre, movies and music.

Bringing his performing talent to radio, Tom landed his fist radio job in 1979 with WETO in Deland, Florida.

Shortly thereafter, he moved on to WMBN and WJML in Petoskey, Michigan where he first met current co-host, Bob Kevoian.

The two connected immediately and in 1983 Tom headed to WFBQ in Indianapolis, Indiana to establish “The Bob & Tom Show” – a program that has benefited from Tom’s extraordinary talent for the last twenty-one years.

Chick McGee was born in London, Ohio and briefly attended Ohio State University before enrolling and graduating from an independent broadcast school.

He began his career at a small 1,000-watt radio station in West Virginia and held various on air positions at stations in West Virginia and Ohio.

Chick set his sights on The Bob & Tom Show after driving through Indianapolis in 1985 and seeing the classic Bob & Tom Show billboard featuring the boys in ballet tutu’s and duck feet.

His dream was realized when he joined them in 1986 as the show’s announcer, eventually expanding his duties to include sports and more.

Disguised as the sports anchor, his Chick's unique contributions resonate via his “my-life-is-an-open-book” delivery.

Kristi Lee is the News Director of The Bob & Tom Show.

Although she tries her best, the guys usually don't give her much of a chance to finish a full newscast without some form of interruption.

Kristi has a rock radio background and has also appeared in front of the camera as part of Fox Sports Net and ESPN.

About Lee Hello all.

Lee John here.

I guess my history in this business is not unlike others who fell in love with radio from a young age.

As a child, I would sit at our kitchen table and listen to the old radio on our counter belt out the sound of the morning "Disc Jockey".

He would introduce the Top 40 Hits, give the weather forecast, talk to the "Characters" that called in, do interviews and contests.

Radio was very "Magical" to me.

I began pretending I was a "Disc Jockey" when I was about ten years old and actually have a tape of me when I was twelve, hosting the " Lee John Morning Show", doing interviews, comedy, telling stories and giving a "Play by Play" account of the "GUY LOMBARDO NEW YEARS EVE PARTY" on the TV.

All while sitting in my pajamas in my living room.

I started to do impressions when I was a kid, like Ed Sullivan, W.


Fields, Kermit the Frog, etc.

By the time I was 16 years old I did over 100 voices.

I entertained at parties, fairs, and in theater productions in High School and did some voiceover work for my local radio station.

Eventually I went to college for Radio and Television Broadcasting.

I did a number of College radio shows, and hosted Cable Television Programs.

I continued with my love of Theater as well, and was in numerous productions in college and community theater.

I got my first job in Radio during my first year in College.

I have worked with different Radio formats including "Music of Your Live", " Classic Rock", and " Adult Contemporary".

I have been Broadcasting now for TWENTY YEARS and still feel like the little kid sitting at the kitchen table.

RADIO is just as MAGICAL to me today.

Take care.

Lee John About Dan Where it all started: I was born and raised in Dunkirk NY.

That's where I started working in radio in high school.

To be honest, I actually had a radio station in my attic at home, but it consisted of a record player, an old reel to reel tape machine and a plastic microphone I found in our basement.

So I guess that doesn't count.

I worked at WDOE in Dunkirk, and WBUZ in Fredonia (before the FCC yanked their license).

I am a SUNY Alfred grad, and a SUNY Fredonia grad.

I was also fortunate enough to work at WPHD-FM in Buffalo.

I worked in beautiful Punta Gorda, Florida for a year before returning back home to work in Jamestown.

I've done just about every shift in this town, broadcast PBP sports, and hosted a news/talk show.

Now that I think about it, I've done the morning show on SE-93, WKSN, WHUG, and 103.

1 The Fox.

Wow! This guy just can't hold a job! Where I am now: I love hosting the mid-days on the Fox! I can relate to so much of the music and find myself singing along to the songs! (lucky you can't hear me, or you'd turn quickly to another station!) I do find I appreciate all kinds of music...from jazz to classical to rock to today's dance stuff.

In my other job I really need to know a little about a lot of different kinds of music to be successfull.

My other job: I have my own business, Dan Warren's Entertainment Express.

I provide music for parties, weddings, school dances and such.

I also have a complete karaoke set-up which I take out quite frequently.

Maybe I'll see you out and about some time, or if you're in need of a disc jockey for an event, give me a holler! Why I'm still in this area: People ask this a lot.

It comes down to this...for all that's wrong with this area, it's still a great place to raise a family! The quality of life is great, the people are wonderful, and I've been treated well in the many years I've been here.

If I have to work a bunch of jobs to support my family (and my nasty eating habit!) so be it.

To me it's worth it.

What you might not know about me: I once sold Little Debbie snacks and Entenmen's donuts! (I was eating more than I was selling, so I had to give it up!) Thanks! Talk to You on the Radio....

Dan About Nights Nights with Alice Cooper airs Monday-Saturday from 7pm-Midnight on Jamestown-Warren's Rock Station 103-1 The Fox.

The show is hosted by rock and roll artist and shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper.

The show airs on nearly 100 radio stations in the USA, as well as on radio stations in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand.

Listen each night as Alice Cooper plays his favorite songs and often interviews celebrities such as Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Meat Loaf, Rob Zombie, Glenn Danzio, Def Leppard and Jerry Springer.

Nights with Alice Cooper features many segments, including Tuesday Bluesday, Freaky Factoids, Movie Music Madness, Cooper's Covers, Same Name (two different songs with the same name), Closet Classic, The Quiet Room, Lockdown Rockdown (songs for Alice's jailed listeners) and Songs We Just Don't Understand.

Alice also plays his own rare songs and tells the stories behind them in the Alice's B.


(Beyond Obscure) and Alice's Lost Hits segments.

Holidays are big events on Nights with Alice Cooper, especially Halloween.

The radio show offers numerous contests and giveaways, including a flyaway trip to see Alice in concert; a trip to see Led Zeppelin in London; and in October, 2008, the giveaway of a signed ESP guitar.

Alice is also a huge trivia buff, and gives away signed pairs of his own pants to listeners who correctly answer his questions, most about rare rock or movies.

Nights with Alice Cooper is produced by music journalist and former Rockline producer Katherine Turman Buffalo Sabres Hockey Listen to Rick Jeanneret, Harry Neale, Mike Robitaille, Kevin Sylvester and Rob Ray as 103-1 The Fox brings you all the exciting action of Buffalo Sabres Hockey this season! Listen to FM quality sound in your car, home (or in the office when you are working late!).



com Our Broadcast Coverage will begin during the regular season! Blended Tune into 103.

1 the fox every Friday at 2pm as Jeff brings you the best Alternative Rock music from around the world.

Blending Music from styles of Punk Rock, Ska, Pop Rock, Country Rock, and other types of genres.

All based on one concept.

The concept of rocking.

Hear from bands like P.



, Sum 41, Finger Eleven, Underoath, Killers, U2, Incubus, Coldplay, Limp Bizkit, Switchfoot, 3 doors down, Panic! At the Disco, Evanescence, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mayday Parade, Bowling for Soup, Papa Roach, Fall Out Boy and sooo many more.

Homegrown Tune in to 103.

1 the Fox every Sunday evening from 6 to 8pm as we bring you two hours of local music, interviews, and special guests from the Jamestown and Warren Area.

Hear from such local acts as The Audience, Big Leg Emma, The Bogarts, Brokenfall, Bazz, The Charlie Wheeler Band, Desecrator, Discidium, I Am Frankie Scrapmetal, Jack the Dog, King Rail, Matt Maloof & The Contraband, Off, Regulation Blue, The Secret Stash, Smackdab, Sweet Ass Cream Corn, Yankee Zydeco, Zeta Cauliflower, Naked Apes and so much more.

Do you want your music on the Show? Email John@Fox103.

com your digital tracks or drop a CD in the mail or at the station: The HomeGrown Show PO Box 1139 / 2 Orchard Rd Jamestown, NY 14701 Be sure to include album name, track names, date recorded and a short band bio.

Grizzly Gary Show Here's what The Outdoor Channel has to say about "Grizzly" Gary Wert.

When the Win Your Own Fishing Show contest came to Warren, Pennsylvania, Gary Wert’s friends told him he had to enter.

"You’re a kook.

You’d be perfect for it," they told him.

He had experience in front of the camera, shilling in TV commercials for the auto dealership group where he works in customer relations and sales training.

But work is something he does to feed his fishing addiction.

Even on the day he was going to audition before our camera, he had to fish first.

"I knew the folks from The Outdoor Channel would be there until 5 PM so I wasn’t planning on showing up until 4.

" He headed to his favorite spot, the Kinzua Dam area of the Allegheny Reservoir, around 2 PM and started hooking into the walleye, northern pike and catfish that abound there.

Gary is not an angler who dreams of exotic destinations.

To him, paradise is a 15-minute boat ride from his house.

"My real goal is to get folks to come here and promote my own home town," he said.

He’s active in the Kinzua Allegheny Walleye Association and in organizing its annual Disabled Veterans Benefit tournament.

He has gotten quite a bit of attention already.

He has been on the front page of several local newspapers and on the local television news.

The front page of the Kinzua Allegheny Walleye Association’s Web site urges visitors to view Gary’s video and vote for him.

His fishing obsession started early, when he was four or five years old and went fishing with his brothers.

A few years later, the boys would hop on the streetcars in Pittsburgh with their rods and tackle and head out the local rivers.

"We caught mostly carp and catfish," he said.

"Back then, the rivers were dirty and you didn’t get the walleye you do now.

" When he is not on the water, he is watching his favorite fishing shows on The Outdoor Channel: Winkelman's Good Fishing, Fishing With Shelly and Courtney, Ronnie Kovach’s Fishing Ventures and Angler on Tour.

This summer, Gary filmed his episode with Outdoor Channel camera crews.

His show, Gary's Goin' Fishing aired in August [2004].

Flashback Flashback! is radio's original time machine.

A mind bending, time tripping free form trip through our history - the big breaking news stories, the TV shows, classic advertisements, the scandals, the movies, politics and tragedies, pop culture, and the rock n' roll that was the soundtrack for all of it.

Flashback! is radio theatre that will take you back with it, dredge up some cool memories and, best of all, provide the perfect musical accompaniment to any Sunday afternoon from 4:00-6:00 P.



Who is Bill St.

James? Bill St.

James is a major cog in the success of Flashback! that summons up memories of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s through television and movie clips, newscasts and – of course – the music.

The Hartford native grew up listening to several great personality stations including WDRC and WPOP.

“A lot of legendary talent went through the market when I was young, including Jack Armstrong and Lee ‘Baby’ Sims, who could weave some incredible stories,” St.

James states.

“Hearing people like that really inspired me to do something creative on the radio; they were so good.

I was also within earshot of [New York City’s] WABC and WMCA so I heard a lot of great radio.

” But strangely enough it was fascination with radio equipment – not the great pipes he possesses – that proved to be the impetus for St.

James to pursue a radio career.

“I quickly discovered the only way they’d let you play with the equipment was if you worked at the radio station,” he jokes.

“I’m an Audio Visual Club guy at heart and am still best friends with many [radio] engineers.

” By the time St.

James was 17, he landed his first radio job, and if your television remote has a tendency to find its way to Nick at Nite, you’re very familiar with St.

James’ work as he’s been its voice since the cable channel started.

“They changed the face of promotion in television,” he declares.

“They were running ‘Donna Reed’ and ‘My Three Sons’ in the early days and had to find crazy promo hooks.

” For the most part, they mocked their own product and St.

James, who also has many movie trailers to his credit, remarks, “That type of tongue-in-cheek promo became a style that was stolen by other cable networks and network television.

With the exception of spending Wednesdays and Thursdays in Manhattan, St.

James can be found on Cape Cod the rest of the week.

“I can do a lot of the voiceover stuff from my basement on the Cape.

In a very fickle business, I must say I’ve had good luck.

” NBC-TV was so impressed with the Flashback! host that the web selected him to be the voice of its Olympics coverage.

Ron Smith White hair, one eye, thank God he can talk! And talk he does! Ron Smith has been in the business longer than most of The Fox's listners have been alive! Smith is best known around here as the voice of Statelien Speedway.

He screamed over race cars for 15 years, giving up the mic in 2001.

He was voted as one of the top 10 best track announcers on the East Coast by Dirt Track Magazine in 1994.

For years, radio listeners, and TV viewers couldn't get away from him.

His voice was what you heard on Erie Sports Store commercials, Marine Bank, Loblaws,.

University of Buffalo, Tontine Carpet and Tile, John Ragala Chevrolet, and Mahan Motors.

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