Trouble & Bass Radio is an internet radio station from Brooklyn, NY, United States, providing Bass Focused Electronic Music - Techno, Drum 'N' Bass music,...

Brooklyn-based vamp champs. Record label. DJ/producers. Party promoters. And beyond.

Trouble & Bass is the sound of staying up all night and getting wild in the streets, sweat dripping off the walls and speakers pounding in your face. For the last four years, these rowdy ravers have brought raw energy back to the world’s dancefloors by effortlessly flipping bass music in all its forms. Taking influences from house, electro, dubstep, drum & bass, metal, and hip-hop, T&B has created... an entirely new genre known simply as “heavy bass.” Trouble & Bass was born in the dirty streets of New York City, fulfilling Drop The Lime’s vision of a futuristic mob of DJ/producers playing hard-hitting warehouse beats with no rules. The crew—DTL, Star Eyes, The Captain, AC Slater, and various affiliates worldwide—has built that vision into a reality with hype DJ sets and mind-blowing monthly parties featuring the most cutting-edge talent from the US and Europe. Along the way, T&B has fused subcultures to make a whole new audience for their sound, while creating an aesthetic that’s now recognizable around the world. T&B has grown even stronger in the last year, adding the amazing AC Slater to the line-up, as well as affiliates from all over the globe, including Paris’ Mikix the Cat, Stockholm’s Little Jinder, Philly’s Starkey, Krakow's Supra 1, Lisbon’s Zombies For Money, Hell Spawned - Deathface, Melbourne’s Acid Jacks and Jamaica's 77KLASH. But even as the T&B movement grows bigger every day, the crew isn’t afraid to take chances and remains true to its DIY drum & bass and punk roots, doing all the production, promotion, and design for themselves. See More

Drop the Lime, Star Eyes, AC Slater, Zombies for Money, Flinch, Mikix the Cat, Udachi, Plastician, Little Jinder, Strange VIP


Bass-Focused Electronic Music

Drop The Lime, Star Eyes, AC Slater

Brooklyn, NY

Trouble & Bass Recordings

Vivian Host




Drop The Lime : ............. AC Slater/Star Eyes:

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