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The first radio clubs at Staples High School started popping up as early as the mid-60s.

Westport's First Selectman, Gordon Joseloff, was even involved in ... See more some of those pioneering broadcast efforts.

But WWPT, as we know it today, came into existence in the 1970's.

Since then, the station has been student run, and broadcasting at 90.

3 F.


As can be seen from our coverage map , our signal has the ability to reach listeners throughout most of Fairfield County.

Here's a bit more about WWPT's history (supplied by Chip Stephens, Staples '73) - "Staples Radio started in the early '70's as WSRB (staples radio broadcasting) and operated out of the studio located in, then, the 9 building.

The broadcast first only was heard in the cafeteria but around 1971 we placed a wire antenna inside a few hundred feet of garden hose and buried it a few feet below the boardwalk at Compo Beach.

The WSRB broadcast was enjoyed by our hardcore fans with their little AM radios on the beach close to the boardwalk for a few summers Early DJs included Carmine Moffa, Chip Gertzog, Pete Wassell, Chris Bergland and for a very brief time myself.

" WWPT works hard to maintain a unique sound.

Our schedule fills quickly with students after school on Monday through Friday.

We are attempting more and more to have live DJs during school.

There are two radio classes each semester taught out of the media lab.

During those periods, the station is always live.

Students also choose to go on the air during various "free" periods.

When there is not a live disc jockey, the station airs a selection of songs that the students have programmed into our overnight rotation system.

WWPT plays a variety of music (specializing in music from the local scene - some recorded right next door in the media lab).

The station also has a very active sports department, does talk shows, interviews, and a variety of public affairs programming.

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