97.1 The Ticket - WXYT-FM is a broadcast radio station in Detroit, Michigan, United States, providing Sports News, Talk and Live coverage of sports events ... See more as the flagship station of the Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons.

Sports news, blogs, photos and listen live at http://971theticket.com/


Detroit, Michigan

WXYT 97.1 FM The Ticket

(248) 539-9797



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Emmanuel Francisco Junior
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2021-11-15 21:05:06 Reportar comentario
Valentin is mostly who I listen to & some Lesson & Chapman. All the other dopes talk about their past & present lives too much. Jamie is arrogant. Stone is too dopey. Caputo can't finish words let alone a sentence & didnt care abut Scott's dog. What's your favorite toile paper sums up the midday show & Bogey just loves himself too much & wants to be Valenti so bad. The station has really become bad. Time to change most of it up.
2017-05-28 11:59:10 Reportar comentario
why you want to read about everybody wanting to get rid of ausmus, stafford cauldwell? this sight sucks
2016-07-03 22:13:57 Reportar comentario
Game 4 last nite against tampa bay was the worst officated game i seen in a long time. 4 no calls in first period let tampa do anything.
2016-04-20 10:17:40 Reportar comentario
boring station. They don't talk about sports enough, and they're a sports station.
2016-04-11 07:25:59 Reportar comentario

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