CH STRIKES BACK On December 31st 2010 BlastFM.

ch was shut down.

After four years we decided to stop broadcasting.


Two guys from Bulgaria founded ... See more a group in facebook to save Blastfm.


They started a fund raising to collect money.

A month later our sponsor Smart Dynamic wanted as well that Blastfm.

ch continues.

So we had enough money for one more year broadcsting.

On February 4th 2011 at 5 pm CET we went online again.

First track of the new episode was Cold - Strobe Light Network (Blue Glass RMX).

The story continues... HOW IT BEGAN After collecting records for years and spending hours in bars and clubs around the world, the time has come.

In May 2007, BlastFM.

ch a brand new web radio, was ready for Blast off.

DUB MATTERS Here's what you're gonna hear.

Enjoy a mix of dub, downtempo, funky breaks, cold sweated house and some minimal at night.

We don't rip down CDs to fill up our music library.

We just pla the tracks we like.

We call it Honky Dub.

Hope you guys enjoy it too.

DUB SCHEDULE After a couple of months of streaming we decided to schedule our programm after Central European Time.

Only about ten percent of our listeners come from America or Asia.

In the morning our stream is a bit smoother, from midday on it gets slightly faster and we knock the party in the evening.

You can catch some great minimal tunes after 7 pm.


ch invites you to chill out on Sunday.

On Sunday we play a mix of acid jazz, dub and some thoroughly selected nu jazz tunes.

In December 2010 we reached 18'000 unique listeners/month from 102 different countries.

Check the PLAYLIST section to see who's online.


ch is based in Bern, Switzerland.

Our backdrop is a range of snow-capped mountains.


ch is legal.

We pay big fees to IFPI and SUISA.


ch broadcasts in mp3.

We blow out a 128k stream.

Our streaming partner since more than 4 years is Stream24.


Their stream is available for 99.

9 %.

That's great.

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