Classical 96.3 FM is a broadcast radio station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, providing Classical music.

Welcome to Canada's only All-Classical station. Listen here:

From Mozart to movie music, Bach to Bernstein, opera to crossover, The New Classical 96.3 FM broadcasts the greatest music of all time — plus news, weather, traffic, Zoomer Reports, interviews and live concert broadcasts. The New Classical 96.3 FM is an elegant alternative to existing offerings in the marketplace and includes local arts, events, and entertainment updates across the GTA.

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Derniers commentaires sur Classical 96.3 FM - CFMZ-FM

Bill Kort
I listen, with great pleasure, (almost) exclusively to your wonderful station and love the music you provide. I have a small bone to pick with host John VanDriel, but it's historic, not musical. The other day he was commenting on music from the movie "Gods and Generals", the subject of which, according to him was the famous American Civil War battle at Gettysburg. Not so, John, the movie was about the legendary Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, who actually died two months before Gettysburg, at Chancellorsville, Virginia (accidentally shot by his own men) in early May, 1863. We all listen attentively. One small critique. Dvorak is a great composer and I even appreciate the recently - made "voice over" his famous symphony, but his "Serenade for Strings", particularly the first movement I find very tiresome. Something else to play, maybe?
2016-08-13 20:36:14 Rapport commentaire
Anne Alexieff
I was listening to a beautiful piece (sounded like cello) today April 25th at approximately 1:25/6pm. Would love to know the composition name and artist. Thank You
2016-04-25 17:48:48 Rapport commentaire
J. Bucek
It is so good to hear an occasional hymn or two - as was played at 5:45 p.m. today. In the midst of the world events, we can celebrate and appreciate our freedoms - which includes having Christian hymns included in our classical music station. Thank you. It is comforting and shifts our focus from ourselves.
2016-03-22 22:06:30 Rapport commentaire

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