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IMPACT FM 98.5 is a broadcast radio station from Kampala, Uganda providing Christian Spiritual, Religious Talks and Education.Vision To Impact People for Christ and be the Number 1 Christian Broadcaster in Uganda Mission Foster positive economic, social and spiritual growth in society.We are a media House operating under the name Impact FM, which is a subsidiary of Christian Radio Network, a limited company incorporated on 12th August 1997. It is a sister radio to Alpha FM that operates in English.04/07/2010P.O. Box 10725 Kampala, Uganda, Kampala+256 41 4272114Email



5.15am – 5.30am Into His Likeness Gaba Community Church Pastor Peter Kasirivu presents a series of short informational nuggets for Christian living 

 5:30am – 6:00am His Touch Bethel Healing Center Pr. Irene Manjeri leads listerners in early morning Prayers/Teaching.

 6am – 7am Agenda 2016 Gyagenda Semakula The program involves an analytical look at the current trends in politics, with guests giving the audience an insight into what the political landscape is now and will be like just before the 2016 general elections. 


 7:00 am – 10:00am Bino Obimanyi? Alex, Fleria & Kimuli A current affairs magazine that uses information and education to entertain the Impact FM morning audience giving them a glimpse of the real world as they prepare for the working day 

 10am – 11am Ensongayo Gerald Sebanenya Gerald delves into sensitive social and civil issues; attempting to connect listeners to proffessionals who can assist them with their different problems.

 11am – 1pm Ekintabuli ky'ennyimba Fleria & Carol A music centered entertainment program which combines local, African and Western music, humor, sports and news updates; all given with a light touch to the satisfaction of all audiences. 

 1:05pm – 2pm Lunch Hour Fellowship Live Victory Christian Center, Ndeeba A live broadcast of the lunch hour fellowship, a live preaching and prayer hour that happens weekdays at Victory Christian Center in Ndeeba 

2pm – 3pm Olina Kewekoledde? Alex Simbwa Those that have managed to achieve certain status in the business circles are hoseted to challenge as well as encourage others to get started

3pm - 4pm Ogutateganya Alex Simbwa Is an economic empowerment program, that not only encourages the audience to engage in economically gainful employment, but also shows how to do it 

4:00pm – 6pm Jioni Kabambe Denis, Brian and Stella An entertainment program that uses music ,light banter and positive messages to ease our retiring evening audience into life after work 

6:00pm – 7pm Prayer Assorted Ministers Assorted ministers to pray for listeners and teach from the Word of God.

 7:00pm – 8:00pm Uganda Eyogera Ssebanenya Gerald A current affairs program which discusses the latest major occurances in the country

 8:07pm – 9pm

(Wednesday only) Manya Amateeka Munnamateeka  & Mayanja Kagongolo A Legal affairs show to enlighten the listeners on how to go about various problems legally. 

 8:07pm – 9pm Walabye Ki? (You aint Seen nothin' Yet) Omwaana w'Omwami & Uncle Bob Mugagga The audience is treated to a series historical facts and Current affairs presented in a humorous and highly educative way

9:00pm – 10pm Common Sense mu Kkanisa Bishop Ronald Mukiibi A teaching program that counsels the audience on how to add common behavioral practices needed for a believer separate from doctrine 

 10pm – 11pm Lwasamayinja Dr. Joseph Serwadda A special teaching session by Dr. Joseph Serwadda 

 11pm – 12midnight Alina amatu Awulire Yazid Muwanguzi Another opportunity for the listeners to call in and testify about the goodness of God 

12:00am – 3:30am Assorted Ministers Assorted Ministers For prayer and deliverance

 3.30am – 5:30am Okusula Mu Ngato Brian Kityo Is a soft-pace late-night entertainment program that combines slow music, entertainment and testimonies to ease listeners into the hustle and bustle of the new day. 

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