Radio Apac

Radio Apac

FM 92.9

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Radio Apac is a community radio station that broadcasts educatiol & developmental programmes and entertainment to the community.

Radio Apac was incorporated in July 1999 ... See more by members of the Apac community and launched on October 16, 1999 by Hon.

Jovino Akaki Ayumu, Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, and member of parliament for Maruzi county, Apac District.

Radio Apac is powered by a 300Kw transmitter in Apac and is relayed using a 100Kw transmitter in Lira.

Radio Apac 92.


5 FM is a limited company.

Our head office and Studios are located at Media House, Biashara Street, Apac.

Our branch offices are in Lira, White House Hotel, and Kampala, Dharas Building, Plot 21 Nkrumah Road.

This profile shows the current operations of Radio Apac and its future plans.

This profile has been written by Jimmy Okello, a founder and board member of Radio Apac.

The purpose of this profile is to illustrate the operation of the radio station.

The key person at Radio Apac is Mrs Joy Ebong, P O Box 4005 Kampala.

Our vision at Radio Apac is to operate a comprehensive Media Centre to serve the communities of Apac.

This will include Radio broadcast services, Telephone and fax service for public access, Film video recording and editing, Audio recording and editing and an Internet access for the community.

Providing secretarial and desktop publishing services for the communities are and will continue to be provided by the Media centre to the community.

Through quality service delivery approach and community participation, Radio Apac shall broadcast programs aimed at improving the livelihood of the community.

Radio Apac designs, develops and markets media services for sale on the basis of messages being clearly delivered to the community of Apac in the way the community will best understand them.

This will be in the language they understand, during appropriate programs for the community and specially targeted times and audience to meet the needs of the customers groups via our channel in Apac and Lira.

We intend to develop new services by means of technological improvements.

Radio Apac is proud to call itself a community radio station because of its strong outreach policy to include the communities in participation in production of the radio programs.

This same approach is extended to all our customers and stakeholders so that they feel that the radio station is an extension of their businesses.

Our objectives are

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