Senoia Police Department

Senoia Police Department


Il ne marche pas!

Around 1828, a large number of people traveled from Newberry, South Carolina, in covered wagons, oxcarts, on horseback, and by foot.

In the group were ... See more preachers, farmers, masons, and most any other occupation of the day.

The names read like a current register of the area, since these forerunners have numerous descendants still making their homes in Senoia.

In the group from South Carolina were the Atkinsons, Addys, Pages, Youngs, Levells, Shells, Barnes, Falls, Moses and many others.

They scattered across the countryside, each trying to find a new start.

And find it they did in the rich land of eastern Coweta.

Raising cotton, corn, and livestock, the area was an agricultural Utopia.

Many of Senoia's residents migrated from Newberry, South Carolina.

Shown is Newberry's "Old Courthouse.

" Location, Location, Location... The first "settlement" in the area was called Location, two miles south of present day Senoia, where a post office had been established.

In 1854, Willow Dell was established.

Settlers continued to move to the area.

The founding date for Senoia is 1860, for in that year the Rev.

Francis Warren Baggarly bought land on which the modern town of Senoia now sits.

On October 9, 1864, after many of the people of Willow Dell had moved closer to the two railroads that ran through the area, the community was renamed Senoia, and a post office was reestablished.

The first building to be erected was known as the Rock House.

Intended for mercantile purposes, it soon became a commissary for the Confederacy, as the war broke out soon after its completion.

The first church,a Methodist Episcopal, with the Rev.

Baggarly as minister, and the first Sunday school was also organized in the upstairs.

A high school was opened in 1865, quite an accomplishment for a rural southern town at the end of the civil war.

Two intersecting railroads are much of the reason that Senoia is located where it is.

Pictured is the old depot, which no longer stands.

top Post Civil War After the war, Senoia saw the completion of the Savannah, Griffin and North Alabama Railroad, which crossed through the town.

Agricultural products such as cotton and peaches were shipped by rail from Senoia.

Senoia was officially incorporated as a city on December 12, 1866.

Pride in their town was very evident, as the citizens aspired to have the county seat moved there in 1876.

Their bid was unsuccessful.

Today with its collection of architectural treasures, most of the town comprises a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.

Senoia was officially chartered as a city around 1905, about the same time the railways moved in.

The city still features architecture from all those periods - including structures dating to the 1840s - with most of the architecture from the city's charming downtown dating from the turn of the century.

Senoia has one known citizen who died in combat.

Edward Couch was killed in action in Vietnam.

The city of Senoia honored its lone fallen hero by naming its newest bridge in his honor in 2001.

top Where the name Senoia came from is difficult to determine.

There are four main variations to the origins of the name Senoia.

They are listed below in the order of their likelihood as the source for the name Senoia.

(1) Senoya He-ne-ha was the wife of Captain William McIntosh.

Their son, also named William McIntosh was both a General in the army and a chief in his band of Creek Indians.

Senoya was a member of the prestigious Wind Clan of the Creek Indians.

This is what established the idea of "Princess Senoia.

" (2) From an edition of a one-time Senoia paper, the Enterprise-Gazette, comes this quotation concerning the naming of the town: "John Williams suggested the name Senoia for an Indian Chief of that name, a medicine man and philanthropist, noble, brave, and generous, who lived near the present location of Sargent.

(3) Another newspaper account in 1873 held that Colonel William C.

Barnes came up with the name in honor of a clever Indian who formerly resided in the community.

(4) Others say that Senoia comes from an Indian word for the title of Chief William McIntosh, Shenoywa.

top Another thing for visitors to Senoia to note: Although you might think that Senoia would most likely be pronounced "Seh-noy-yuh", don't be fooled.

Locals here simply call it "Seh-noy.

" If you want to stand out like a sore thumb, feel free to mispronounce Senoia.

No one will say anything, but every one will know you are not a "local"! Special Thanks to the Senoia Historical Society for their help with this brief history.

Senoia Area Historical Society PO Box 301 Senoia, GA 30276 Senoia is proud to offer residents beautiful parks and amenities.

A walking path connecting all three parks was funded in part by a CMAQ grant.

Seavy Street Park 2 playgrounds 2 lighted tennis courts Freeman Sasser Building available for rent.

Contact City Hall for availability.

Baseball and Softball Visit the website of Senoia Area LIttle League for more information on organized baseball and softball schedules.

Pylant Street Park Walking trails Senoia Community Martial Arts The City of Senoia is now offering martial art classes for children aged seven and up.

Classes are held at the Freeman-Sasser Building in the Senoia Park on Seavy Street on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00.

Instructor SIFU Steve Waseman 4th Dan will be available for any questions concerning these classes.

He can be contacted at (770)599-1654 or (770) 833-1930.

Classes are $20 per month, the first uniform is free.

This is a non-profit organization; all proceeds go to supplies and materials.

If you have an event, club, activity or place of interest to be included in our recreational activities page, please contact us at recreation@senoia.

com The Buggy Shop Museum Main Street Senoia, Georgia 770.


6057 buggyshopsenoia@aol.

com Open April to October, the third Saturday and Sunday of the month form 1:00 p.


- 4:00 p.


Culpepper House Bed & Breakfast 35 Broad St Senoia, GA 30276 770-599-8182 http://www.


com This Victorian era home was built in 1871 by returning confederate soldier, Dr.

John Addy.

Veranda Bed & Breakfast 252 Seavy St PO Box 177 Senoia, GA 30276 770-599-3905 http://www.



html Listed on the National Register for Historic Places, this historic Greek revival mansion inn was built in 1906 as the Hollberg Hotel.

Here Margaret Mitchell interviewed Civil War veterans to write "Gone With the Wind.

" Riverwood Movie Studios River Wood Studios chose Senoia because of its beautiful homes and scenery.

Movies such as Fried Green Tomatoes, The War, and Andersonville have been filmed at Riverwood Studios located just outside the city limits of Senoia.

Area Attractions Callaway Gardens GA Hwy 18/354 Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822 1-800-CALLAWAY (225-5292) www.


com Callaway Gardens, a stunning 13,000-acre resort and gardens, offers the perfect setting for a memorable family vacation, quick getaway, social or corporate event, or day trip.

Cecil B.

Day Butterfly Center in Callaway Gardens Hwy 354 And Hwy 18 Pine Mountain, GA (706) 663-2281 An 8,000-square-foot, glass-enclosed conservatory housing up to 1,000 free-flying butterflies, as well as ground pheasants, exotic plants, and waterfalls.

Dunaway Gardens Roscoe, Georgia 770.


6057 www.


com These Gardens have played host to Ballet Troupes, indoor and outdoor theater, as well as Walt and Roy Disney and Minnie Pearl.

Atlanta Motor Speedway 1500 S Hwy 41 Hampton, GA 30228 (770) 946-4211 NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch Grand National, IMSA, and ARCA auto racing events.

Starr's Mill Have a picnic at beautiful Starr's Mill.

Only a mile or two north of the city on Georgia Highway 85 (not Interstate-85) in Brooks, GA.

Red Oak Creek Bridge Red Oak Creek Bridge is the oldest and the second longest covered bridge in Georgia.

Located within a twenty minute drive of Senoia.

Little White House Historic Site 401 Little White House Rd Warm Springs, GA 31830 (706) 655-5870 Cottage in which President Franklin D.

Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, is preserved as it was on the day he died.

On display is original furniture, memorabilia, and the portrait on which Elizabeth Shoumatoff was working when the president was stricken with a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

A film about Roosevelt's life at Warm Springs and in Georgia is shown at the F.


Roosevelt Museum and Theater.

Picnic area, snack bar.

(Daily, 9 am-4:45 pm; closed January 1, Thanksgiving, December 25) If you have information on a local attraction that you would like to see added to the website, please contact us at: localinterest@senoia.


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