AccuRadio World Music : Adventure Music showcase

AccuRadio World Music : Adventure Music showcase

The AccuRadio story AccuRadio is a multichannel Internet radio station specifically designed to showcase the potential of the exciting new medium of Internet radio! AccuRadio ... See more is also the first multichannel Internet radio station designed specifically for adults with sophisticated musical tastes.

We currently reach over 400,000 unique listeners per month (and up to 1,000,000 unique listeners per month during the Christmas season) with an audience of as many 14,000 simultaneous listeners on weekdays during business hours (Internet radio's "prime time").

AccuRadio's audience is approximately 60/40 male/female and almost equally divided between the 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 age groups, with an average age of 41.

* (More details available here.

) AccuRadio supports musicians and labels AccuRadio has been carefully constructed to help record companies and recording artists sell records: * (1) We give exposure and airplay to numerous genres of music and hundreds of artists that virtually never receive broadcast radio airplay.

* (2) We constantly display the title and artist and album name for the song that's playing.

* (3) We display the CD covers of the last three songs we've played, with each cover linking to the appropriate Amazon page for purchasing that CD.

* (4) We sell almost $40,000 worth of CDs per month via our Amazon links, and, according to our listener surveys, directly influence the sales of $200,000 to $400,000 more from other retailers.

* * (5) We stream at 32 kbps, which makes for a good-sounding Internet radio station but is not quite a quality level that most consumers feel is a substitute for CD ownership.

* (6) We are always happy to work with record labels to help promote new releases (as we have done with Sony Music, WB Records, Angel/EMI, and Bloodshoot Records), including promoting those releases to our 600,000-person mailing list.

("Promo ideas" page here.

) We are fully licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange/RIAA.

*Source: AccuRadio listener survey, April 2004 Mailing address AccuRadio 65 E.

Wacker Place Suite 930 Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: (312) 284-2444 General e-mail Advertising inquiries Having technical problems? Check out our FAQ.

If it doesn't help, please write feedback@accuradio.

com Chicago office: Founder/CEO: Kurt Hanson EVP/Programming: Paul Maloney Lead Developer: Ralph Sledge Business Affairs: Michael Zimmerman Sales representatives: AccuRadio direct sales: Kurt Hanson (banners, radio spots, gateways, custom channels): (kurt@accuradio.

com; 1-312-527-3879) Net Radio Sales (radio spots & gateways): Jennifer Lane (jennifer@netradiosales.

com; 1-860-572-1994) Winstar/Interep Interactive (banners & sponsorships): Adam Guild (aguild@wims.

com; 1-310-213-2326) VIZI Media Advertising (banners & sponsorships): Andrew Moskowitz (andrew@vizimedia.

com; 1-212-777-3527 x 316 )

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