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Kool 97 FM is a broadcast radio station in Kingston, Jamaica, providing Reggae and Pop music as well as News, Sports and Weather. Kool 97 ... See more FM focuses on music, with special features depicting aspects of Jamaica’s culture.


Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Lancelot Murray
See What I See In Lucea Jamaica The public sanitation conditions which currently exist within the town of Lucea Jamaica is deplorable. Appalling! I see it. Those residing in Hanover Parish know it. Numerous tourists experience it when travelling to and from the Negril resort area. We all agree that public sanitation within the town of Lucea has been extensively neglected. Drains and canals are debris filled and remain clogged. Garbage collection areas overflow with rotting waste. This provides the ideal breeding grounds for rodents and mosquito borne diseases. I hereby put the Ministry of Health on full notice of the worsening public health risks issues brewing, within the town of Lucea Jamaica. I interact with residents, many of whom privately announce their dissatisfaction about the public services rendered by and through, Lucea local town administrators. Could malfeasance be intermingled with unwillingness to perform on the part of Lucea town administrators? Or, could it be ineptitude as the root cause of such non-performance? Regardless of the answer, it is clear that the town of Lucea is crying out for the attention of local and national government higher-ups. Take a stroll with me through the town of Lucea, the capital of Hanover parish. See what I see! I see a town, rich in history, with limitless potential to develop and benefit from the transient tourists flow, between Negril and Montego Bay. I see a community that is void of a demonstrated plan for the improvement of the structural layout of its town. I see a commercially stagnant municipality, whose leaders exert little effort to restore the social and economic vitality of the town. I see a local population that continues to grow. I see a crumbling automobile main roadway system, riddled with crater size potholes. I see traffic snarls that make driving through Lucea time consuming and often venturesome. Infrastructure decay! I see a crumbling seawall within the town. I see students having to dodge fast moving automobile traffic, on their way to and from school, in the absence of paved raised sidewalks. I see blatant mismanagement and misappropriations of public funds, by those entrusted with the purse strings of the town. I see a lack of pipe borne drinking water to many homes and households of the town. I see lengthy but avoidable delays within the building plan evaluation process. I see the absence of order. No accountability. No structure. No guidance. Chaos! “No Confidence!” Lucea is an administratively rudderless town, riding the tides of a purposeless doom. Can anyone save us? The task of public administration is an important and intricate science. It should not be managed by unqualified and untrained leaders, who possess poor project implementation success rates. Nor should managers be promoted to higher offices, without first establishing an ability to perform well at the lower ranks. Loose goose management style approaches to public administration, must give way to sound planning and systematic execution of those goals, over a specific period of time. I see us giving the younger and intelligent Luceans an opportunity to lead on a local level. Seek them out. Embrace them. They must be included in determining their futures. Unless we discover a way out of this quagmire of local government official non-performance, Lucea can be assured of a future identical to the one from which we seek to leave behind. So much potential has Lucea! Who amongst us will help Her to rise from the ashes, created by too many years of local government administrative neglect? “Who’s looking?” “Realllly looking?” Does anyone care?
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It cool
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