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talkSPORT is the world’s biggest sports radio station and brings you great sports content on air, on, on YouTube and, of course, on Facebook!

talkSPORT is the world’s biggest sports radio station and has exclusive live coverage of Premier League games, broadcast in the UK and around the world. Listen to talkSPORT radio for 24/7 sports coverage, check out for 24/7 sports content, visit for the funny side of sport and get involved with our Facebook page for your sporting fix.

January 2000

London, United Kingdom

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Kevin Corrigan (currnetly working in Abu Dhabi)
Georgie Bingham - Unusual prizes When I was a student at Warwick University, I won the 1976 University Egg and Spoon race. I won a tiny medal but my top prize was a signed Jimmy Young cookbook - his wife presented the prizes. I still have the book. Like typical university humour, there were stratgegically placed signs saying 'toss here'. Ho Ho. I did actually play for the university football team as well. Been a follower of Talkport since it started - it keeps me sane working abroad! Come on you Hammers today against Chelsea ... let hope they behvae for the Ray Wilkins tribute - a true gent and a footballl man through and through. Kev
2018-04-08 08:52:56 Reportar comentário
Kev in Norfolk
Thunderbirds!!! This IS the correct version ... Thunderbird 1 - Scott Thunderbird 2 - Virgil Thunderbird 3 - Alan Thunderbird 4 - Gordon Thunderbird 5 - John. In one of the epsiodes it was staed that everyone took a turn in the space station, Thunderbird 5. However, you only ever saw John. Scott also operated the Mole! (Which was in Pod 1 - Th 2 always took a pod). Th 4 was of course in Pod 4. The father was Jeff Tracey. There was no mother in the series. So there! Porky - you should know this as you were born the same year as me ... 1954. Happy 63rd birthday for yesterday. Kevin
2017-12-30 11:33:46 Reportar comentário
Hi. Listening to Talksport abroad. Dubai. Have done for about 12 years now. Next time you are discussing the England manager job. My view it should be the eaisest job in the world ..... if you stick to 4 simple principles ... 1. Pick players who are in form (Scott Parker should have gone to the last World Cup etc) 2. Pick players in the positions they are used to playing in (don't put Garth Southgate in midfield etc) 3. Don't play a system that players are not used to (Hodgson etc) 4. Don't make stupid substitutions (taking Gary Lineker off when he was about to beat Charlton's record, even Ramsey taking Charlton off in 1970, etc) THEN, if the team lose or play badly it is NOT the manager's fault!!! Eriksson more or less got this right - 2 quarter final places was probably about par for the quality of the team. Venables did ... stupid FA decision to get rid of him. Easiest job in the world. Kevin
2017-12-11 16:36:42 Reportar comentário

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